Roll On Truck Bed Liner vs Spray Liner, Which Is the Best?

Roll on truck bed liner Already know best roll-on truck bed liner? Or want know roll on bed liner colors?

Needs in-depth consideration before using it. The common questions on automotive forums are whether it is better to use spray coating or to apply roll on truck bed liner. While both have their pros and cons, we’ll try to compare them to help you decide which suits your needs.

Hopefully the comparison will help you choose the best painting method, especially if you are trying to get out of the paint job and what experience do you need in applying the paint.

Pros & cons of Roll On Truck Bed Liner

Roll On Truck Bed Liner

A roll on bedliner is less expensive and easier to apply. For an economical option, a Roll On Truck Bed Liner is a good choice. Many options are available as the same color for your vehicle. Whatever you choose will probably end up looking good.

They allow for a stress-free life, as you won’t have to worry about bruises or scratches when loading and unloading. It will be two layers of coating, everything will be much easier to clean. Applying a roll on bedspread requires an expert, or at least someone with experience.

Roll On Truck Bed Liner

If you don’t have much time, this option may not be the best, as the drying process can take a long time. It can take up to a full day for the paint to dry. Finally, missing hard-to-reach areas is quite common with this method of roll on truck bed liner.


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Pros & cons of Spray Coatings

A spray coating can be stunning if you careful when applying. Before doing the job, make sure the area is properly prepared. The surface texture tends to do a decent job of preventing the load from falling over the surface. When using spray coatings, the factory paint on the truck bed will be destroyed.

Roll On Truck Bed Liner

Be aware that it will void your corrosion warranty. Spray painters must be highly skilled to do a good job, so you can’t just spray off a coating. They offer little protection against the knocks and scratches that can occur while loading and unloading. They can also be quite expensive.

Features to Consider

images and photos Roll On Truck Bed Liner

  • Water Based vs Oil Based

Coatings are generally easier to apply and can be cleaned up with soap and water. The drying and setting time is approximately 3-4 hours, than roll on truck bed liner of oil and urethane. Preparation is important with a water-based bedspread, as these formulas require a smooth surface to adhere properly. Oil based bedspread provides excellent adhesion to painted and unpainted surfaces

  • Thickness

To set a good chemical protection from the coating, finish approximately five times thicker than most rollon bedspreads. It helps with impact and abrasion resistance, an important consideration for truck floors.

  • Texture

A roll on truck bed liner is a great way to add a non-slip finish to any outdoor surface. For optimal wet and dry grip, look for a rollon or sprayon kit with a textured finish.

  • Drying Time

Some bedding kits come with a separately packaged hardener solution. Mix the two immediately before application. Once you’ve mixed it, you should use it immediately. If you are looking for a reusable rollon bedding box, consider a product with water-based polyurethane formula.

Which is the Best?

To narrow down your choices of roll on truck bed liner, look for durability, ease of use, and quality protection. Choose the kits that came with all the materials needed for a DIY application. Use rollon sheets that are waterproof, safe for all weather conditions, resistant to temperatures and provided UV stability. Resistance to harsh chemicals was considered a strong selling point.

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